The system comprises of a treatment table and a shockwave unit. This device has a history of two and a half decades. Well accepted in the market till date..
ESWL mode; TMC - SA
  • ESWL TMC-SA is incorporated with a powerful Vega III Ultra-life Shock Wave Generator.
  • Offering high energy range augmented up to 1400 bars and an unbelievable life span.
  • Patient therapy table is fully motorized with a handheld remote, enabling precise stone localization.
  • Modular & effective ESWL-TMC-SA.
  • ESWL TMC-SA is a superior and versatile lithotripsy system designed to be used with most fluoroscopic C-Arm units.
  • ESWL TMC-SA is a highly economical solution for clinics and hospitals.
  • Lower ownership and operational costs make the TMC-SA as the most preferred ESWL system among physicians.