TMC Europa Ltd.
Therapeutic Medical devices from TMC Europa Ltd.

Our business is not just about building reliable machines; it is about providing innovative solutions by creating a meaningful partnership with our customers and users. The medical industry is poised to go through a major change and TMC Europa Ltd. has understood this much better than others.

Automation, safety, reliability, precision and speed are some major factors that play a crucial role for both the user and the patient. The need of the day is more complex. The medical service provider (like doctors) have to rely on the equipment during treatment and procedures, so, using a better technology enhances the positive end result between user and patient and also improves friendliness. Building reliable machines and using the right technology is where TMC specialize in.

This is a letter of Intent ( LOI ) generating form. This is typically used after a deal has been finalized between TMC and the buyer. This is the first step to the purchase process. This form will email you an LOI, please print it on your company letterhead and send to TMC Europa. We will take further action after receipt of the LOI from you.

Please mention the name of the person who is authorized to sign on behalf of your company.

Please mention the name of the equipment and the model number you intend to buy.
Example ; ( IECP Model SL - 200e )

Please choose from the type of price quote: weather Ex-works, FOB, CFR,CIF ?
Please mention the price you have settled in digits. ( Example: 74000 )
Please choose from the dropdown the currency that you have decided to deal in.
Please mention the device quantity required by you. ( Example ; 5 )
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We consider our customers very important to us, and we will be contacting you on priority if you need any support. TMC believes in transparency in pricing information.

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