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Download Information on ESWL Model TMC - IA

ESWL Model TMC-IA Lower cost of ownership and simplifying maintenance. TMC - IA is practically the worlds smallest Lithotripter. To make it more affordable for the buyer, the cost has been brought down in a manner that it would please you . It comes with the one year free warranty and an additional expandable warranty of one more year on simple terms. Service is made easy because legacy Lithotripters are not modular and they require a special trained technician for service.\n TMC-IA can be very easily serviced by your technician inhouse.

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Download Information on ESWL model TMC - SA

ESWL Model TMC-SA Superior interactive design and continuous quality enhancement allows the "TMC - SA" to beat all competition hands down. So for a new center or an existing hospital the right Lithotripter can be the "TMC -SA" as the system can function 100% duty cycle. But even more important is the fact that "TMC-SA" spells class. Elegant, user and patient friendly, the "TMC-SA" is designed to achieve the highest standard of performance. This smartly engineered electro-hydraulic system has various advantages over other systems.

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Download Information on ESWL Model TMC - Compact

ESWL Model TMC-Compact The new "Compact" features a 10 mA generator and an X-ray tube with 0.3 – 0.6 mm focal spot. These qualities combine to provide high resolution images for both large patients and semi-radiolucent stones. The fully integrated C-arm provides unlimited iso-centric viewing angles, and with a variable SID, incorporates a greater field of view while lowering staff exposure to radiation.

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Download Information on ESWL Model TMC - X4

ESWL Model TMC-X4 The ESWL system itself is built on a custom module-based architecture with an ability to customize into multiple treatment modes. TMC-X4 uses design and concepts that have been specially made for making the treatment far more easier. The X4 also uses some treatment modes for the first time in the ESWL treatment history, making their way beyond the legasy ESWL environment, that too, naturally. For example, the "Respiration multi-Mode" (RmM). Making use of the systems ability to be painless a bust of shockways hit the calculus on exhale. This stone-destructive multi-mode method allows you to fragment renal stones faster and with ease, it also works with pin-point accuresy as in the exhale mode the stone becomes stationery for a few moments.

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Download Information on IECP Model SL-200

IECP Model SL-200 The SL-200 is an External Counter Pulsation equipment which works basically like a compression massage of the lower limbs that ultimately benefits the ailing heart by increasing its output capability, it also oxygenates itself. The benefits of this massage like therapy are something like that of vigorous exercise. Basically its an OPD procedure during which pressure is applied sequentially to the legs from the calves, lower thighs up to upper thighs, by sets of foam padded compression cuffs. To achieve the best benefit of this procedure the treatment is precisely synchronised with the cardiac rhythm.

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Download Information on IECP Model SL - 200e

IECP Model SL-200e The SL -200e is the latest addition in the manufacturing line of TMC IECP equipment. SL-200e is also based on high responsive technology it not only automatically adapts itself to a patients profile but makes better calculations of the patient's condition. Comes with tons of optional features for the user to choose. Mental Illness, Diabetes, Hypertension and heart disease that will subside by this Increased External Counter pulsation. Its a form of exercising but the heart rate never increases nor does the person do anything but lay down. It helps circulation to their brain to rejuvenate cell and tissue damage. Its a non-invasive therapy that last 35 hours. 5 treatments a week one hour per treatment.

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Загрузить информацию об IECP Модель SL - 200e на Русском.

IECP Model SL-200e SL -200e это последнее новшество в производстве IECP оборудования от ТМС. SL-200e также базируется на технологии быстрого реагирования, оно не только автоматически подстраивается под пациента, но также лучше просчитывает его состояние. Оно включает в себя множество возможностей для оператора. Психические заболевания, Диабет, высокое давление и сердечные заболевания утихнут. Терапия представляет собой физическую нагрузку, но при этом сердцебиение не учащается и пациент отдыхает. IECP улучшает приток крови к мозгу для восстановления повреждённых клеток и ткани. Это неинвазивная терапия, которая длится 35 часов. 5 процедур в неделю с длительностью процедуры один час.

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Download Information on IECP Model Sl-100

IECP Model Sl-100 Increased External Counterpulsation (IECP) Model SL-100 is a cost effective ECP machine. This equipment fills the requirement of clinics that require a basic system with manual functions. It is a volume based system like the legasy systems. It's operations are not based on any commercially available operating systems.

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Download Information on IECP Model TMC-Brisk

IECP Model TMC-Brisk The TMC Brisk is the newest generation IECP device. The TMC Brisk ECP unit has made significant progresses with sound reduction, patient comfort, patient safety and overall reliability. The system houses a new all in one solution, hence requires minimal installation requirement.The motorised backrest* of the therapy bed enables added comfort during an hour long external counter pulsation therapy.

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Download Information on Ho.Laser Model TAE - 40

Ho.laser Model TAE-40 The "TAE – 40" holmium laser from TMC is a solid state, pulsed laser that emits light at 2100nm. the pulse duration of the holmium laser ranges from 250-350 μsecs, pulse energy from 0.5-4.0 J/pulse, frequency from 5-45Hz and the average power from 30 to 40 watts.combines excellent cutting, ablation and coagulation properties for precise, virtually bloodless procedures. It can also be effective in fragmenting urinary and gall bladder stones of all compositions. The "Tae – 40" is an ideal multipurpose surgical tool. For surgeons and is used for ablation, excision, incision, vaporisation and immediate homeostasis of soft tissues through endoscopic, laparoscopic and open access for a wide variety of surgical applications and procedures. The laser light is transmitted through flexible fibers, it is especially suited for minimally invasive endoscopic and laparoscopic procedures. "Tae – 40" laser apparatus have superpower high stability and long using time

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Download Information on ED device TMC- Stumb

ED device Model TMC-Stumb TMC - Stumb is an Erectile Dysfunction Shock Wave Therapy (ED SWT) is an innovative approach to vasculogenic ED TMC – Stumb is a device that uses advanced acoustics technology. This technology has proven to be effective in cardiology, with success in reversible ischaemic tissues of the heart. ED SWT utilizes low-intensity extracorporeal shock waves, focusing on blood vessels and encouraging neovascularization in the penis shaft and crus. The low-intensity shock waves help relieve vascular deficiency, a common cause of erectile dysfunction

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Download Information on Other uses of IECP

IECP is the ultimate preventive health maintenance tool with unparalleled longevity and anti- aging potential. As circulation plays an important part in wellbeing IECP or ECP has no parallel to it. IECP has been proven to increase the level of circulating stem cells. Therefore, it is likely to slow the effects of aging. IECP offers unparalleled therapeutic benefits, as well as amazing potential to prevent or slow the onset of many conditions, including aging. IECP Treatment not only improves blood circulation in the heart, it also improves blood flow to the brain and many other organs.

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IECP - это окончательный профилактический инструмент для поддержания здоровья с непревзойденной долговечностью и антивозрастным потенциалом. Поскольку циркуляция крови играет важную роль в здоровьи человека, IECP или ECP не сравнимо ни с чем. . IECP предоставляет несравнимые терапевтические преимущества, а также представляет собой удивительный потенциал для предотвращения или замедления возникновения многих заболеваний, а также старения. С возрастом наша микроциркуляция ослабевает...

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